Contraband Movie Review

Staring Mark Wahlberg as Chris Farraday, Giovanni Ribisi as Tim Briggs, Kate Beckinsale as Kate Farraday and Ben Foster as Sebastian Abney.

Marks Wahlberg a former smugglerŒ gets pulled back into doing Œone last job to save his brother in-law, who gets involved in a drug smuggling operationŒ gone wrong. Wahlberg mustŒ go to Panama to smuggle back counterfeit bills to save his brother in-lawsŒæand maybe his family’s life.Œ

Contraband has a really strong cast, im a big fan of Mark Wahlberg ever since i saw him in ‘The Departed’ a fantastic movie if you haven’t seen it you must. Hes also been in other great movies in recent years such as ‘Shooter’, ‘Max Payne’ and ‘The Other Guys’. Giovanni Ribisi plays the drug lord in this movie, and as a dark, evil, villain type of character who is fantastic, great casting. Some of you guys may remember him from ‘Friends’, ‘My Name is Earl’ or movies such as ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’ and ‘Avatar’.

The story line is good, and think overall it should haveŒ been better than it was.Œ The characters are good and believable but the pace of the movie is a bit slow.Œ There were only pockets of action in this movie which is a shame for an Action, Crime-Drama, I don’t mean to sound to harsh but i was hoping for more. There was obviously a big budget for this movie but maybe they payed the actors more than they did on the action scenes. The movie picks up more in Panama, there is some good action scenes and the pace of the film picks up, while the end of the movie is good. It almost turns into a bit of a thriller which does draw you onto the end of your seat with some twists and turns thrown in.  Contraband is worth a watch but don’t get your hopes up, I’m hoping better from Mark Wahlberg’s next movie.

– Alex Ashmore

Contraband Movie Review, Mark Wahlberg 2012
Contraband is worth a watch but don't get your hopes up, I'm hoping better from Mark Wahlberg's next movie
Production 47%
  • Picks up towards the end
  • Wahlberg is on form
  • Pretty slow going
40%Overall Score
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