Exit Wounds Movie Review staring Steven Seagal as Orin Boyd, DMX as Latrell Walker, Isaiah Washington as George Clark and Anthony Anderson as T. K. Johnson.

This is an action, crime movie with bits of comedy scattered throughout. Seagal plays a tough inner city cop who gets transfered for preventing an assaination on the vice president. In his new placement he has to deal with dirty cops and corrupsion, who can Seagal trust?  Firstly id like to say how nice it is to see Seagal in a movie that has had a bit of money thrown at it, and with a half decent script and cast. It makes such a diffrence. He shines in this movie, and his performance is up there with other action stars as Stallone, Willis or schwarzenegger.

Its pretty action pack from the start with Seagal on a bridge fighting against bikes, vans and oh yeah how couldŒ I forget a helicopter, a really good start.Œ I do love movies involving corrupet cops, I like the twists in the movie and the fact you never know who to trust. I wont say to much more asŒ I dont want to spoile anything, because this is definitely worth a watch. DMX is good in this movie although not as good as Segal in the fighting sceans. His cover of the song ‘Aint no sunshine’ goes quite well in the background aswell. So if your an action fan or love dirty cop movies this one if for you. Please give it a watch,Œ I really enjoyed it.

Exit Wounds Movie Review, Steven Seagal 2001
So if your an action fan or love dirty cop movies this one if for you. Please give it a watch,ΠI really enjoyed it.
Production 78%
  • Seagal is on form
  • Production value
  • Not many but its not perfect
68%Overall Score
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