Its confession time….I was originally a PS3 fanboy…There I said it. For years I swore allegiance to Sony, but one day I was finally convinced to convert to Microsoft and their Xbox. Therefore I decided to investigate the Halo franchise and see what all the fuss was about. At the time Halo: Reach had just been released and thus I began my journey at the very beginning of the story. I enjoyed it. I moved on to Halo.

I played all the way through the game (which considering I couldn’t earn any achievements was a huge victory for me!) But unfortunately for me I was defeated by the timed escape presented to Master Chief in the final chapter. I couldnäó»t jump the f***ing bridge no matter how many times I tried. So in the end I turned to Youtube and watched the final video on there. Next it was Halo: 2. I felt it hadn’t dated well, but it was bearable and continued with my mission to discover the love of Halo. I didn’t find it here. Having played a mammoth session of roughly 3 hours I turned off my Xbox safe in the knowledge that my console would save my progress and then….I remembered that these old retro games donäó»t have auto save. Instead of going over the same missions I went to Wikipedia this time and brought myself up to speed on the story…or so I thought…

Time for Halo: 3. The game began with me teamed with The Arbiter, a Covenant elite soldier. When I had previously played Halo:2 I was fighting a war against his race, but I went with it. We still seemed to be fighting covenant, but if my memory recalled The Arbiter had been cast out by his kind and thus turned against them, so I assumed that somewhere down the line he must have teamed with Master Chief and co. We were after the leader of the Covenant Prophet Truth and trying to stop him from using the Halo rings personally I thought this had been achieved in a one of the prequels, but maybe not. Suddenly the Flood show up, another alien race that Master Chief had been at war with, but a few chapters later they were suddenly assisting the Chief and within seconds that had all changed again. Around midway through the game the Chief attempted to rescue Cortana and then towards the end of the game the same thing happened. And that is it. That’s all I know. I am not even entirely sure how the game ended?! What I do know is that at one point when I was in a certain map level fighting against a countless horde of enemy Flood I felt that I was just simply funning around the same level design countless times with no real indication of where to go, before finally caving and looking at a walkthrough. Also for some inexplicable reason Bungie decided to add another Warthog driving sequence at the end of the game…why?!

I can only blame myself for my failure to make it through the prequels, but at the same time I would not recommend a player coming to this game without playing the earlier versions. The story seemed confusing and often the music played louder than the dialogue and with no options to reduce individual volume elements and being unable to turn subtitles on this led to important moments of narration being missed. Also jumping around from different locations meant it was hard to keep up to date with where the action was taking place and for what reason it was happening there. Aside from this the actual game play is very good. There are several different weapon types to use ranging from the traditional assault rifles, sniper rifles etc. but then on the Covenant side there is another whole host of variations. There are also gadgets to assist Master Chief in his objective and also a range of vehicles both on the ground and in the air. Having finished the campaign of Halo:3 I decided to tackle the multiplayer element and it is here that Halo as a franchise really shone. I had played Halo:Reach’s multiplayer and had found it enjoyable and was pleased that this was also true of Halo:3′s attempt. Jumping straight in was easy to do and thankfully so was raking up the kills.

The game enables you to play alongside and against people of a similar ranking level. Therefore if you have never picked up a FPS (first person shooter) this is a good place to start. The controls are simple, there are plenty of opportunities and methods in which to get kills and the game objectives are straightforward. Plus there is the extra incentive of being able to have friends round and all of you working as a team online, which several online multiplayer experiences don’»t offer. For a gripping and engaging story, it may be best to steer clear of Halo:3, but for fast paced, easy to control multiplayer action and with Halo:4 looming just around the corner it could be an idea to dust of the Spartan suit and join the war against the Covenant once again.

– Dan

Halo 3 Game Review
For a gripping and engaging story, it may be best to steer clear of Halo 3!
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