So I was sitting at work today and a friend shouted over to see if I had seen a trailer for Lollipop Chainsaw and I thought…say whaaaat…so I jumped online and had a quick look and my god this looks so fun. OK so it’s probably Dead Rising but with a woman, a young hot looking cheerleader woman with a chainsaw, but never the less it looks like its worth a giggle. Check out the trailer below. Œ

All I know about the game is that the mainŒæcharacterŒæis called Juliet and the general idea is that Juliet is a Zombie hunter and you have to kill lots of the undead. ŒOf course there is anotherŒ villainŒ known as Swan who appears to be controlling this undead outbreak and its Juliets job to stop him ŒLollipop Chainsaw is due for release on 15/06/2012

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