Lost Season 1 Review I know many of you have seen Lost season 1, but I’m also aware that the first season was out in 2004. Which i think we can all agree was a while ago now. This is my Lost Season 1 Review.ŒæI watched it when it was first on Chanel 4/E4 in the UK and loved it and over the past few weeks have watched it again. Honestly its a great show and beware its one of the most additive things to ever be on TV, you always want to find out more.

I cant really put this into one category so il try a few, its a thriller, adventure, drama, survival, action, mystery, science fiction and supernatural. But I’m sure there’s more you could name as well. I will start with the action packedŒæ two-part pilot episode whichŒæwas the most expensive in ABC’s history, reportedly costing between $10 million and $14 million.Œ This sets the scene when aŒ commercial passenger jetŒ flying between Sydney and Los Angeles crash lands on a tropical island. Its action packed; fire, body’s and plane parts scatter the beach while all the survivors try to cope with whats happening to them. Each episode flashes back through a certain characters life so you get to see their back story, which is interesting and fascinating how all these characters ended up on the flight to LA.

The cast is fantastic, you really feel you get to know them by the end of the series but you still want to know more. The scenery is just beautiful but you would expect that as it is all filmed in Hawaii. I cant really compare this to anything else because i don’t think there has ever been anything like this EVER!!! If you haven’t done so already take a chance and watch lost and how the survives of Oceanic AirlinesŒ flight 815 cope on this desert island with limited supplies, mysterious characters, monsters, polar bears and the question of if there alone on the island??? If you liked such TV drams as Sopranos, Fringe, The walking Dead, Heroes and Doctor Who I’m sure you will love lost.

– Alex Ashmore


Lost Season 1 Review
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