Stake Land Movie Review, Connor Paola, 2010
Stake Land
Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi
  • 6.5
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Director: jim mickle
Awards: 2 wins & 10 nominations.
Meta-rating: 66
  • 2010
  • 98 Min
  • R

Martin was a normal teenage boy before the country collapsed in an empty pit of economic and political disaster. A vampire epidemic has swept across what is left of the nation's abandoned ...


connor paolo, gregory jones, traci hovel, nick damici

Stake Land Movie Review starring Connor Paola: When America is over run by Vampires a young man called Martin (Connor Paola) who’s own family is slaughtered by Vamps and a hunter referred to as Mister (Nick Damici) set off north to find a safe haven away from the bloodsuckers. ŒThis movie gets going immediately with blood and gore from pretty much the outset. ŒThis is a post-apocalyptic movie with its focus on Martin being trained by Mister and the film is littered with slow motion scenes of them practising to stake vamps. ŒThe idea of the Vampire outbreak is due to disease, much like the basis for many zombie movies. ŒAt first I thought it was nice to watch something different and to change up zombies with some vamp action, however as it went on i felt it was just trying to hard.

The film is narrated by the voice of Martin as he tries to explain whats happening and his thoughts about the outbreak of Vampires, except he tries to put on a deep gritty voice which is just irritating. ŒThe vampires themselves are not as you would expect.Œ They are not young, pale, and pretty as depicted in many movies before. Instead they are zombies with bigger teeth who can’t fight in daylight! ŒAs the movie heads on Martin and Mister meet with other survivors but not all are friendly and inviting. ŒFor example some they come across me that depict the Vamps as some kind of message from god and others have their own taste for human flesh. ŒAt one point early on in the movie Mister looks at a dead vamp and refers to it as a berserker. I thought awesome we will see loads of different ones, but we saw just one other vamp which had a power. ŒThis really let the movie down as what was the point of even mentioning it if it wasn’t going to be exploited. ŒI also felt it was trying to use shock value to get a better rating.

I don’t want to give away to much for those of you who want to see this film but I felt it was harsh what they did to the pregnant women,Œ and then introduce another female at the end of the film who has an eye for Martin and she gets a whole 5 minutes of screen time. Œ By the end of this movie ŒI was glad it was actually over and have to say this movie sucked,Œ pun intended…

– Alex Ashmore

Stake Land Movie Review, Connor Paola, 2010
I have to say this movie sucked,Πpun intended...
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