ŒStreet Racer Game Review, this will be a quick review on another one of my childhood favourites Street Racer for the Snes. The game was released in 1994 for the Snes, 1995 for the Megadrive and 1996 for the Playstation 1. I played it on the Snes and Megadrive but not on the Playstation but I will try to find a copy and play it.

This is a great go-kart style racing game, abit like Mario Kart but with abit more violence involved similar to Road Rash where you can kick/punch the other players. You can do the normal racing championship mode like most other racers but Street Racer has a rumble mode which isΠa king of the ring style game where you have to knock you opponents out of the ring, lastman standing. Also there is a soccer mode where you play soccer or football as its known in England using your car to tackle and with the aim of scoring into the goal. These modes are great fun on your own, but so much better playing with your friends, as most of these older games were.

I suppose i should talk about the characters who are fantastic, they all have there ownŒ unique look and special moves. YouŒæwill have to let me know who your favourite is. The graphics on the Snes were great, colourful and cartoony Œæjust how I like them. With the classic 1990’s music in the background, sounds that will stay in your head all day or maybe longer. So if you never played this game try and find a copy and play. Let me know what you think.

– Alex Ashmore

Street Racer Game Review
This is a great go-kart style racing game, abit like Mario Kart but with abit more violence!
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