I thought I would write a Super Punch-Out Snes ReviewŒ as i’v been playing it recently on my Snes and been having great fun with it.

Super Punch-Out is aŒ boxing gameŒ developed and published by Nintendo for the Snes, ŒIt was released in Europe on January 26 1995, and was the follow up to the Nes game Punch-Out which was one of my favourite games of my childhood. You play as Little Mac, as he fights his way to become the World Video Boxing Association champion. You control little Mac from a behind the back perspective which works quite well, makes you feel like your in the fight.Œ You have three minutes to win each match and players can launch jabs, hooks, and uppercuts against their opponents as well as block, dodge, and duck opponents’ attacks. You can also do a super punch when you gain enough momentum, which is achieved by hitting your opponent without them hitting you back. Once you have your super punch up you can do some impressive damage.Œ

The controls are basic but really good like most Snes games. The best part about this game is the opponents, they are all different and have their own look, fighting style and signature moves that you need to be able to overcome. The game itself is very colorful and is done in the cartoon style, which I’m a big fan of.Œ I remember playing this game as a child and taking turn after turn to try and beat an opponent (very addictive indeed). My advice if you have a Snes buy and play this game its honestly great fun.

–  Alex Ashmore


Super Punch-Out Snes Review
My advice if you have a Snes buy and play this game its honestly great fun.
Longevity 68%
62%Overall Score
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