Warrior Movie Review, staring Tom Hardy, Nick Nolte, Joel Edgerton, Jennifer Morrison, Frank Grillo and Kurt Angle in this action, sport, MMA drama.

Tom Hardy is a great British actor, I first remember seeing him in the fantastic Band of Brothers thenŒ British gangster movie Layer Cake with James Bond himself Daniel Craig. He then goes on to star in movies such as Bronson, Inception and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy which are all brilliant movies all worth a watch. If you didn’t know already Tom is going to be playing Bane inŒ The Dark Knight Rises (The latest Batman movie, Due out late 2012). So I think you can all agree a busy man who has been in some fantastic movies, definitely one of my favourite actors.Œ He plays Tommy Conlon in this movie the youngest son of an alcoholic former marine as heŒæreturns home. He then beginsŒætraining for competition in a mixed martial arts tournament – a path that puts the fighter on a collision course with his older brother.  The story line is very good, they don’t go into to much depth but enough so you feel like you know whats going on but they leave plenty of gaps in there past for your imagination to fill in.

The family of aΠrecoveringΠalcoholic Nick Nolte, mysterious younger son Tom Hardy and the older brotherΠphysics teacher and family man Joel Edgerton all interact well together, you really believe their story which is key to making a good movie. The fighting scenes are great, they had my blood pumping and my heart beating fast. The guys were in good shape and looked good in the ring, the casting of former WWE and currant TNA wrestler Kurt Angle was a great one.

The final fight is great, you could almost call it an epic and the song playing during the end of the fight (About Today by The National) is soooo good, it fits so well and stays in your head for agers. I had to download it on Itunes the next day, and still listen to it now. Warrior is a great movie, i think its better than most Rocky movies. Maybe because its more gritty, its similar to Robert De Niro’s 1980 classic Raging Bull a fantastic boxing movie. Before i finish I will give a menstionŒæto GavinŒ O’ConnorŒæwho wrote, directed, produced and acted in this movie. I know what your thinking WOW, what a talented guy. So the last thing I will say is go watch this movie, its a great watch you wont regret it!

Warrior Movie Review, Tom Hardy 2011
So the last thing I will say is go watch this movie, its a great watch you wont regret it
68%Overall Score
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