Zombie Apocalypse, 2011, Ving Rhames
Zombie Apocalypse
Action, Horror, Sci-Fi
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Director: nick lyon

We all love zombie movies and they seem to have boomed in the last seven or eight years and “Big Vig” has been in several of them, he is also in 2011’s Zombie Apocalypse by The Asylum team. I am a lover of awesome B-Movies so a direct-to-video movie or, in this case, direct-to-tv movie is no big turn off for me and if ever there was a movie deserving the title ‘Awesome’ B-movie Zombie Apocalypse 2011 is it. The cinematography is actually very good, much better in fact than blockbuster movies I have seen. The flick gets off to a great start with three of the movies characters stupidly walking into an ‘abandoned’ town, one of these people is Crab Man from ‘My Name is Earl’ STRONG START! I wont ruin it my telling you all what happens but a quick few points: There are a lot of questionable visual effects, too much CGI blood instead of the easier option of mouthful of blood color juice. The zombies run, thats chillinglyŒ unnatural It looks like the budget for visuals was spent on the CGI dogs/tigers. They looked good for a B-movie, fair play Big Vig is an absolute legend, great casting there 😉 On the whole a good zombie-romp. Great cross city travel sees some good locations.

I’d say give this a watch, it wont win an oscar but it’s great for fans of the genre.
Zombie Apocalypse, 2011, Ving Rhames
I'd say give this a watch, it wont win an oscar but it's great for fans of the genre.
Zombiesque Gore31%
  • Ving Rhames
  • Shoe string budget used for elaborate tiger zombie!
59%Overall Score
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